Legacy & Leadership Campaign Donors

In May 2016, OCA-Greater Houston (OCA-GH) received a historic opportunity with a 2 for 1 matching $1 Million Dollar Matching Grant until the 2020 Census by a National Foundation committed to helping the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community build capacity and sustainability to continue OCA-GH’s work developing future AAPI leadership and civic engagement (including Citizenship assistance). OCA-GH is one of 25 national AAPI organizations selected for this program in recognition of the work the chapter has done for the community since 1979. The Legacy & Leadership Campaign ensures the capacity building, sustainability, and growth of OCA-GH programs and builds on our current community partner relationships to bring together the power and reach of AAPIs in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area.


Thank you to the following individuals and companies for their generous support in 2016 through 2020. Their support helps OCA-GH continue to embrace the hopes and aspirations of the AAPI community by empowering the next generation through educational, cultural, leadership and civic engagement programs. 

Luminary Donors ($100,000+)

James and Leeshan Birney – Stone Mountain Properties

Dr. Anne & Albert Chao

Innovator Donors ($50,000+)

Crown Mark

Advocate Donors ($10,000+)

The Hon. Theresa & Dr. Peter Chang

Deborah Y. Chen

Cecil and Betty Fong

Albert & Ethel Herzstein Foundation

Jan Kish

Mark and Alice Lee

Kenneth and Annie Li

Jean Lin

Mitchell & Priscilla Lou

Danielle Shin-Yi Lu

Jimmy J. Ma

Anne K. Sung & Agrim J. Darji

The Hon. Gene Wu

Ambassador Donors ($5,000+)

Asian American Bar Foundation - Houston

Elaine Chan

Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Tram Chao

Andrew T.C. Chen

Jonas Chin

Abraham Chu

Dr. Paul C. W. Chu

Doris Fung

Harry and Antje Gee

Rogene Gee Calvert

Peter Hwang

Elizabeth and Sam Hwong

E & M Foundation

Grace Huang

Jennifer Kim

Maria Kong

Catherine Le

Victor Lee

Dawn Lin

Cindy and Frank Liu Family Foundation

Sean Hsin-Lei Liu

Victoria W.H. Ma

Tengahlia Nguyen

Cecilia V.Q. Pham

Maria Christy Poiset

Southwestern National Bank

Amy Sung Foundation

Steven Wu

Paul Yin

Kuan Zhao

Patron Donors ($3,000+)

Kent Tan

Partner Donors ($1,000+)

Tommy Wong and Janie Kuo

Naomi S. Lam

Dr. Peta-gay Chen Ledbetter

David J. & Faith Shieh

Builder Donors ($500)

Sharjeel Hanif

Shao Lean Hu

Thu Nguyen

Supporter Donors ($250)

Francine Di

Friends Donors ($100)

Shane Chen

Ida Eng

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