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OCA-Greater Houston has been giving back to the community for years. This festival is a thank you to all the support and partnerships made throughout the years. We want to highlight the artists, youth, organizations, and businesses that supported the community by sharing their acts of giving. In community work, we are often busy and do not take the time to step back and see the impact we do. This is a chance to see how much we have supported and continue to support each other during these unprecedented times. Giving encompasses much more than to others but this is also a reminder to give back to the self whether that be reestablishing better habits, allowing yourself to heal, highlighting voices that aren’t heard, and providing spaces for folx. How and in what ways do we embody the word giving?


  • Back to the Community
  • Up old habits
  • Space for unheard voices
  • Yourself time to heal

Starry Nite Arts Festival was created to highlight and celebrate the diversity of AAPI Artists, Culture, and Community and to share the untold AAPI experience for the Greater Houston metropolitan area through a shared AAPI Community Space. Organized by a dedicated team of volunteers to benefit community non-profit organizations and AAPI Artists, the mission of Starry Nite Arts Festival is to promote AAPI Artists, Craftspeople, & Entrepreneurs, and to create an AAPI community space that promotes Civic Engagement and Asiatown/Chinatown Houston as a cultural destination for the Arts. Thank you for your support!

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