MAAP (Mentoring Asian American Professionals)

Mentoring Asian Americans Program (MAAP) is an annual mentoring program for the personal and leadership development for young Asian American professionals. There is an application for mentors and mentees to participate in this program. To be successful, MAAP participants need to make a time commitment of 3 half day training sessions on Saturday mornings. In between these 3 sessions, participants are also expected to hold a total of four 1:1 session with your mentor/mentee for about an hour and 15 minutes each. Participants are encouraged to attend the quarterly HAAPI Hour events.

MAAP dates for 2018:

Sat. 6/2 | 9am—12:30pm | MAAP Orientation Convening

Sat. 7/14 | 9am—12:30pm | MAAP Midway Convening

Sat. 8/04 | 9am—12:30pm | MAAP Final Convening

Apply at:

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