Upcoming events

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 07 Citizenship Forums
Jan 22 Running for Office 101
Jan 25 OCA Serves Spring Project
Jan 27 RUCAA Commemorating 100 years of Asians at Rice, “Off the Menu: Asian America” Film Screening
Jan 28 Lunar New Year Festival
Jan 31 Rice Paper Launch Party
Feb 04 Citizenship Forums
Feb 11 JA Trade Fair
Feb 21 HAAPI Hour
Mar 04 Citizenship Forums
Mar 15 OCA-GH TEA Talks
Apr 01 MAAP (Mentoring Asian American Professionals)
Apr 01 Citizenship Forums
Apr 18 HAAPI Hour
Apr 18 March HAAPI Hour
Apr 29 Lantern Festival
Apr 30 AALDEF 2016 Exit Poll Results Presentation
May 05 NQAPIA Regional Summit
May 06 Citizenship Forums
May 13 Citywide Citizenship Assistance Forum
May 13 MAAP (Mentoring Asian American Professionals)
May 17 OCA-GH TEA Talks
May 20 Dr. Madeline Hsu, Book Talk & Tea, "Asian American History: A Very Short Introduction"
Jun 01 HAAPIFF (Houston AAPI Film Festival)
Jun 01 HAAPIFF Kickoff & VIP Reception
Jun 03 Citizenship Forums
Jun 09 HAAPIFF (Houston AAPI Film Festival)
Jun 10 HAAPIFF Arts Night
Jun 10 MAAP (Mentoring Asian American Professionals)
Jun 10 HAAPI Hour
Jul 01 Citizenship Forums
Jul 04 CARE Coalition July 4th Festival
Aug 03 OCA National Convention
Aug 12 Citizenship Forums
Aug 18 B3 Asian American Leadership Forum
Sep 09 Citizenship Forums
Sep 22 "They Serve With Honor" Outstanding AAPI Employee Awards Dinner
Oct 07 Citizenship Forums
Nov 03 OCA Corporate Achievement Awards
Nov 04 Citizenship Forums
Nov 07 Get Out The Vote! Houston 2017 Elections
Dec 02 Citizenship Forums

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