HAAPI Film Fest 2017 - Closing Arts Night!

  • Sat, June 10, 2017
  • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Sam Houston Ballroom and Conference Center, 6833 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Houston, Texas 77072

ARTS NIGHT! | 6:30PM | Sam Houston Ballroom & Conference Center

Join us and community partners as we close off #HAAPIFest2017 with our annual Arts Night Program filled with music, dance, and comedy from amazing #AAPI talent!

Featured Acts:

JR Aquino
JR Aquino is a singer/songwriter born & raised Anchorage, AK, but now resides in Las Vegas, NV. He has competed on Season 3 of The Voice, is on YouTube with 570,000+ subscribers, and has over 49 millions views on his channel alone. He is currently working on a new project to be released later this year. 

Christy Whang
Wonderbox is a team that formed from their lvoe and passion for hip-hop dancing and kpop music. The group formed in 2012 where they won 1st place at the very first Houston K-pop contest and later performed at various events like the annual Korean Festival and Children's Museum.

Skye Kittie
My name is Skye. I'm 20 years old, from Houston, TX. I got into dance when I was in 7th grade and have been doing it ever since. In high school, I found out about KPop, and became very interested in the performance aspect of the genre. I started learning the dances and even now, three years after graduation, I find myself still very much in love with dancing and performing.

Jonathan Um
Jonathan Um is a singer/songwriter/producer who loves to perform and meet new people around the city of Houston. He plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin to pursue a career in audio production. Jonathan has been working with many different artists including Kevjumba and DanakaDan, and hopes to do more shows with other great talents!

Vincent Ngo
Vincent Ngo learned to play piano at the age of 5, later learning to sing and play guitar. He is currently attending the University of Houston, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys boba and video games. He prefers accompanying himself with a grand piano when it's available on larger stages, but otherwise uses guitar for portability.

Elizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth is a fulltime fine art artist, performer, and stay at home mom. Her interest in performing began back in 2011 when she decided to join choir in High School. A year later, elizabeth had hte opportunity to perform for the very first time, singing "All That Jazz" from the movie "Chicago". She described the feeling of being on stage for her very first time as "Fascinating". She kept making a few more appearanes on several stages after that day, enjoying every second of it. Elizabeth hopes one day she will be able to provide for her family by becoming a full time performer and hopes to give her audience a perfect performance every time. 

Aman Hemani
Aman Hemani is the least funny comedian you have probably never heard of. Aman is passionate about making people laugh so that they can forget, even for just a short moment, how useless he actually is in society. Aman is new to the world of stand-up comedy with his debut performance only last month. Nevertheless, the nearly 400 audience members at his act were left hysterical at the edgy humor Aman does best. Regardless of if you’re young, old, a Nobel Prize winner, or a president, no one, not even the guy himself, is safe from the roasts and savagery of Aman Hemani.

Kuk Sool Won (Clear Lake)
A martial arts as old as Korea itself, this martial arts involves hapkido (throwing), self defense maneuvers, archery, knife throwing, gymnastics, and much more.
This martial arts was created by combining three ancient forms of Korean martial arts known as, BoolKyo MuSool (Buddhist Martial Arts), KoongJoong MuSool (Royal Court Martial Arts), and SahDoh MuSool (Tribal Martial Arts), by the now known Grandmaster of Kuk Sool Won In-hyuk Suh in 1958. Kuk Sool Won has been continuously been promoted internationally by the World Kuk Sool Association and is recognized in the martial arts community as one of the most effective and comprehensive systems of traditional Korean martial arts in existence today.

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