Asian Restaurant Weeks

Food Brings
Us Together

Coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world. Being able to make a dish and share that with the people you love is one of the most universal concepts because it’s at the root of our survival. Here we are able to share our culture and heritage through food and give each other nourishment. Let’s come together, share a meal, share our stories. Join us to see how the Houston AAPI community shifts their perspectives on food during COVID-19. 


This year we are launching a coordinated celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month kicking off with Asian Restaurant Weeks in collaboration with NextSeed and Impact Hub. Money raised through Local Impact Food & Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Fund for Houston will purchase food from a locally owned restaurant, providing much-needed revenues for their business while keeping the lights on and staff employed. The meals will go to medical professionals and volunteers working on COVID-19 relief efforts, either through clinics and hospitals or non-profits. Asian Restaurant Weeks this year, is a collaborative way to support our community needs now more than ever. Our goal is to make sure all service workers in the front line get a meal. This will then be followed by a virtual HAAPIFEST and with Starry Nite Arts Festival.

Behind the Culinary Curtain

Either live cooking with chefs or watching food documentaries, food is one thing that brings us together. We want to invite you to cook with the Human Behind the scenes and connect with those who are involved in feeding our communities, whether that be in Houston or across the United States. Get to know the chefs behind the food you consume. Immerse yourselves deeply in personal stories, their inspirations, and the method of their styles that originated from their understanding of home. 


Week of May 18th | Baking with Carlo Wayan
Week of May 24th | Cooking with Debbie Chen

Community Care Happy

Come with your favorite cocktail in hand! Place your favorite food photo on your zoom profile or background! We’ll chat about what’s helping us cope personally and professionally during this extra time at home. We’ll also talk about our favorite dishes, food stories, etc. how these stories surrounding food connect to our own pasts, identities, our memories and to the larger world around us. Let’s explore ourselves as well as the impact we as individuals have on each other, economies and society. 


Capacity 30 People

May 8 | Friday 8 PM CST
May 15 | Friday 8 PM CST

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